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Custom web, mobile and desktop applications developed with quality, speed, efficiency, and security in mind.

Crafted Systems custom eCommerce, data analysis, chat, web, mobile & desktop development
custom eCommerce development with node.js mongodb react.js react-native next.js website and mobile apps

eCommerce Development

Single-vendor and multi-vendor eCommerce systems developed using Node.JS on the back-end with MongoDB as database, Next.JS and React.JS on the front end and react-native to power android and iOS mobile applications.

  • Custom data analytics to let you know more about your users and make smart business decisions.
  • Server-side rendering to improve SEO and overall site performance.
  • Super fast response from server to keep your users engaged with a rich browsing experience.
  • Fully customized UI/UX design to make your business stand out.
  • Productive tools like spreadsheets, email, and SMS integrated inside the admin panel to help you organize your business easily.

Data Analysis

Knowing what attracts your customers, how they behave, what they want, and most importantly how to engage them is the key to growing any business. Especially, when we are talking about an online business, it becomes more important to track, analyze and categorize the users of your websites and apps. Doing so will not only help you understand your customers in-depth but also allow you to make effective business decisions that can have a huge impact on your business growth. But the process of analyzing and visualizing all the data flow can get a bit tricky.

When many will suggest you use third-party analytics tools, we won't. Cause doing so will hand your precious business insights to advertisers and competitors, and we believe that only you should have access to your business data and no other company should be able to use it against you. That's why all our eCommerce systems have custom data analytics tools built in. So that you don’t have to worry about all these and only focus on growing your business effectively.

What you will get to know from data analytics?

  • Which of your products, categories, and brands are performing well and which of them needs improvement.
  • Growth of your customer base and where to concentrate more.
  • Where your customers are from and where you should invest in marketing activities.
  • Track your campaign across ad networks and social media to measure the effectiveness of your ads.
  • And many other useful insights like these; including most of the insights popular third-party analytics services have to offer.
eCommerce custom data analysis

Technology Stack

React Native
iOS Mobile App
Android Mobile App
website, desktop, and mobile application security and penetration testing

Application Security

We take application security with great seriousness and follow strict security guidelines throughout the development and deployment procedure. Such as:

  • Strictly sticking to the security guidelines to minimize the chances of any vulnerability.
  • Integrating penetration testing inside the software development lifecycle (SDLC).
  • Continuously running penetration tests on core projects to find issues and bugs.
  • Using up to date technologies that are immune to most of the known hacking techniques.
  • And most importantly, believing that it is our sole responsibility to protect and watch over the applications that our clients have trusted us with.

About Crafted Systems

Crafted Systems is a software development company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Specializing in eCommerce development, the company provides development services for web, mobile and desktop applications.

The company’s main motto is to innovate and introduce new technologies and systems, and continuously improve the efficiency of its development services so that it can provide the best quality service for the least possible time and cost.

Crafted systems, specialized eCommerce, desktop, web and mobile apps development


We started working with a primary ambition to bring quality and affordability together. The software market is growing rapidly, especially in Bangladesh, the origin country of this company. As thousands of businessmen are showing interest in bringing their business online and digitalizing their existing infrastructure, it is getting difficult to find quality-full development within an affordable budget range forcing them to use solutions that were never meant to serve their needs ( like free blog CMS or cart applications) and getting a negative outcome with low quality and sub-standard development. Eventually losing interest in their online business even before they can start properly.

At Crafted Systems we work in such a way that lets us efficiently develop business applications with minimum cost and time so that we can provide high standard, reliable and efficient software to our clients within an affordable budget so that every entrepreneur can make their online dream come live. Our skilled and experienced team is highly trained and expert in their respective field of work and our business policy primarily focuses on getting the client up and running at the earliest time possible while still creating beautiful, effective, fast and secure applications and systems with rich user experience.


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